The Lost Sister

Journey of a Groningen Girl

The book is reading like a novel. Very plastic and  it feels like you were in it.

Sometimes touching and rousing. We were surprised by the information. As we knew aunt Annie rather well we now read about another aunt Annie. It is very amazing to read  a book as novel and about your own family and
knowing  them. We always  thought aunt Annie was treated not so very
well by uncle Jans,  and fellt pity for
her, but we now look at her on a different way.

The book is worth reading and it gives a lot of information. It’s also a lesson in history and a view on the circumstances in the last war..We wonder what our daughters
opinion will be after reading the book.  Hilda & Henk

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Hi Hilda and Henk,
Thanks for posting the great comments up. I'm glad you made the effort to repond, it's great for me as a writer!! I must say that I still feel sorry for Annechiena even though she did not do the right thing but she at least tried to get my mother back before she came to Australia. We were always so happy that you were the only relatives who said something good about her, Mum was thrilled when you spoke nicely about her. It was nice to hear something good she has always said. But yes they both were not very good parents. I am not sure whether I will translate the novel, depends on the response from Holland. I have not had the book launch in Groningen yet and am still organising it. Hopefully later in the year or early next year. I really would love you all to be there. So I will let you know when it is. Also hope Nienke enjoys the book and look forward to hear what she thinks.It is amazing to read about the family thats true, sometimes I don't believe the story myself. Well hope you listened to the interview and love to hear from you again soon,
All my love to you and your family, Nell, Thanks for the support!
The conclusion is that they where not nice people. We only knew aunt Annie and what we know of her is that she was not a greedy person. She could mis things and for example she gave things to Hilda. Perhaps she was to intimitated from Wolbertus that she could not do much for the children. She was depending from her husband who was sure no nice man..
Of course she had to care and stand up for her children but sure it was a difficult situation

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